Drama Friends Campaign



The world you inhabit is known as Cliffhawk. You will be starting in the largest country, Rifthaven.


In the map, you will see many colored x’s and some brownish lines. Those lines are the major roads of Rifthaven. Each of the non-black x’s represent cities. The purple x is Rifthaven, the capitol of the country. It is more a religious tradition, however, because it is nestled in the Rifthaven Vale, a place of few resources, meaning that it imports most crops. Of course, many rumors circulate among the peasants that there is magic at play in the capitol that makes it more self sufficient than it appears.

All of the black x’s represent small settlements, places where there are at a maximum maybe 20 families settled and a few shops and an inn. The black lines are country borders.

The pink x is Fort Valeguard, the last line of defense for the Capital, since the mountains surrounding it are impassable to armies. At Fort Valeguard, the Emperor, Leo the Courageous, entrusts his highest Duke and General, the Duke of the Vale, with making permanent residence there and defending the capitol from any possible attacks from Oster.

The large orange x in the middle of the map is the Great Sand Dunes, where the great King Leon the Pure sacrificed himself to prevent a demon invasion of Cliffhawk, converting his verybody into pure magical energy and using his own essence to close the portal opened by Asmodeus.

That was over 1000 years prior, according to the main religion of the time, Leonism. The line of connection between each monarch is that they all claim a direct bloodline to Leon, and they all used his crown. Sadly, it was lost about 200 years ago, and no one has any idea where it is anymore. Now, all of the Kings are only King in title. The true monarchs have been dead since the crown was lost, and now the throne is hotly disputed among rival families. Leonists, who make up the majority of the continent, insist that no matter who is able to prove their tie to Leon and produce his crown, they will become the one and true ruler of the continent.

There are various other cities and places to visit within the map, and you are free at any time to go wherever you choose. However, the first adventure is set, just to help introduce you to the combat system, and the world I have created. Thus, the other cities are unimportant for the time being, because you will be starting in the black x marked 1, a small village called Valheim.

Each player is a veteran of a war against Oster that took place 6 years ago, and ended with Rifthaven reclaiming their lost land and pushing the invaders out. As a result, the current King Leo ordered the construction of a wall to protect against future attacks from land. Somehow, they all made their way back from the war to that tiny village, Valheim, and have been living lives of peace and humility.


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